Teen Undergoing Surgery To Be Able To Eat For First Time In

Imagine sitting at a table of food and not being able to eat a bite. Gentrie Hansen, 14, faces that dilemma every day. In fact, because of a rare debilitating disease, she hasn’t swallowed a bite of food since last December.
Well imagine sitting in front of a delicious fourth of july hamburger and not being able to take a single bite.nnA draper teenager faces that dilemma every single day. The 14-year-old hasn’t swallowed a bite of food since december.nnKathy aiken tells us why.nnWalk into the kitchen of Lowell and Kathy hansen and you realize that something is missing–food. In fact there is a sign that declares their kitchen is closed.nnConsidering my big boys that we have a family of eaters, you find that almost everything that you do revolves around food.nnOne of those boys is braden, the 6-foot-6, 305-pound offensive lineman for byu. nnYou either go downstairs and try to sneak the food in the back or we go out and eat because we just don’t have it here because it’s really hard on her.nnGentrie Hansen is Braden’s younger sister. food is her biggest enemy.nnIn december the 14-year-old began vomiting every



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