Ted’s Montana Grill: Salad & Sangria

We’re cooking Ted’s Montana Grill’ s signature salad and sangria in The Rhode Show kitchen.
you guys are going tooi the red sox-yankees game. can’t beat that. patrick? >> our friends from ted’s montana grill, we hantveve some sort s of sam add creation.am >> we’re doing a mediterranean it chicken salad and a mango sangria.sa >> perfect for a day like today or perfect for any day fory some people. whams the ingredients?th >> of course, we have romaine lettuce, we’re going to have diced tomatoes, diced green peppers, julien onions, cumbers, special marinated s olives, fresh dill,di capers, and feta cheese. >> the special marinated olives, is that in someme secret sauce for ted’s montana grill? >> no, it’s blackk pepper, lemon juice and oregano. >> what is with the brick here e in the kitchen, iss this in case raul gets out of line and a you want to hit your boss over thebo head with a brick? >> no. >> get o ut of the kitchen, this isis my area. >> at a ted’s we brick our chicken,



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