Teds Montana Grill – Beer Can Chicken

We’re in the kitchen with Ted’s Montana Grill cooking Beer Can Chicken with Chef Micah Baumstein
with ted’s montana grill. >> might catch — micah is hereer with us from ted’s montana grill.gr thisth morning, we’re going to cook beer b can chicken. how is thatth different from mroasted chicken? >> this is an old western recipe where you shove a boueerve can right up the chicken and it infuses the beer into the chicken and makes it flavorful and moist. >> what are you going to do micah, take a beer can c and what? you’re going to shove a beer can into a chicken. >> we have a modern y of doing t. we have a a nice infuser here. >> an infused beer can into the chicken. what do you do after the beer goes into the chick chicken. >> we’ re going to put garpulic in here, ted’s seasoning, we’re going to go ahead, the 2 ounces of the sam adamsms beer, we’re going to go ahead and put the chicken on top, which is going to be seasoned, and two sprigs of rosemary in there, it comes together in th



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