Ted E. Bear Hollow

Learn about the 4th annual comfort food classic fundraising event that supports the Ted E. Bear Hollow center, and see what’s cooking on the set today! It’s something southwestern!
>> the comfort food festival is coming up. we are happy to welcome back chef dane why and tell us who you serve. >> i’m with teddy bear hollow and we serve kids who are 3 to 18 and kids who have gone through an experience like that need some special?รง understanding and help. we are there helping out with support group and programs. >> it is not just about immediate counseling after death, right? >> no, this is long-term. grief is a long process. poem are welcome to come. we ask them to wait two, three months to let it sink in. >> right. >> then the realty hits and they needs support and peer support is wonderful. when they find out that they are not the only ones that breaks through a lot for them. >> talk about the kinds of support you give as opposed to what immediate friends or family might give them. >> nobody can replace friends and family. >> sure. and usually adults are grieving



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