Taxing Drink Federal

Taxing Drink Federal
22news reporter jackie bruno ites live in west springfield with a look at why the govern ament sy ays this is a fair tax. the government is saying that songda, beer, and wine can ccontribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. so this new “lifestyle t ax” would aim to improve the health care system. grabbing a can of coabla, or a buying a pack of beer could soon grabbing a can of cola, or buying a pack of beer could soon cost you a little extra… that’s if the federal government passes a new “lifestyle” tax. the tax would target soda, beer, and wine and the revenues raised would sehelp pay for health care. the argument is that since theses tthree things can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle… lttheyif also add to rising medical costs. but some experts say thise is going to far. not everybody who drinks soda is unhealthy. not everybody who e bodrinks beer and wine abuses that. and this is so



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