Tavern Eggs Benedict

We’re cooking Tavern Eggs Benedict with Chef Bill Andrews of The Iron Works Tavern.
that for you folks, but for now, we’re heading over into the kitchen. .i thin k we’re making breakfast today, right, patrick. >> we are. iron works tavern joing us in g nthe kitchen, we have tavern eggsaveg benedict this morning. what’s different from tarevern ro eggs benedict versus just plain n old eggs benefit.s >> traditionalraon eggs benedict is made with canadian bacon and hollandaise. we’ve taken a r eye, grilled it, andd insteadns of hollandaise, we put lobster meat, it’s likeat surf of and turf benedict gentleman. >> is this a breakfast dish? >> it is our saturday and sunday brunch.un >> others,th okay. tell me about saturday and sunday brunch at the iron works tavern. >> we se rve from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in2: the afternoon. we also incorporate some lunch items, and we have a nicee promotion going on right now, like a brunch for 10 with a limousine service and a visit to th



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