Tasty Indian Drinks

Amala Hold prepares two traditional Indian beverages
>> our next guest is a cooking instru ctor who specializes in authentic indian cuisince. armala hold is a familiar facef in our kitchenk and today she is going to teach us about evening tea. how are you, nice to se you. >> i’m good, thank you. very popular in india.id every household in india would have tea. what’s very popular in india is when people go p visit, which happens, you know, all the time. there’s always a steaming cup of tea ready to go. >> and it is an evening tea you’re talking about really? >> yes, yes, maybe we have it about 45:00, keeps us up for partying, 10:00, 11:00. but the tea we consume a lot is the cafeinated time, the loseo tea, b ut teit is raised on the hills right in india. it is amazing. there are very different grains. this one is a slightly larger brain and need as bit more cooking. >> this is all loose tea ineto yes. >> larger grain.e what kind of tea is



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