Tasty Bay Area Traditions Hits Bookstore

For years, Bay Area bakers have sent their best recipes to the St. Petersburg Times. Now you can toss the newspaper clippings and just pick up the cookbook.
is beautiful outside, we have a spread of cookies here. and i don’t know about you guys but i tend to go on a baking spree about this time. we get the best cookie in the bay area and you brought them out here, thank you very much, fall, let start with the one that i’m enjoying right here and you said this is a chipper — doodle, right it has chocolate chips. and in is just one of many recipes that really are finding their way into kitchens across the bay area and into the book too. janet has put all the recipes in this book and give us advice for new bakers. >> this is a great book for new bakers because there’s nothing tricky in it. you mix butter, flour, sugar and dumping it on a cookie sheet. the most important thing you have to do is read the recipe. read it through twice. >> and don’t add your own measurements here and there. and try it once with or twice before you change it up. >>



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