Tasty Bagels

The Bagel Factory
>> bagels are not just for breakfast anymore, especially when you stop by the bagel factory in san antonio and visit with suzanne herman. it’s been two years for you guys? >> november. >> and it’s been a tough time to open a best of my recollection business you’ve had your growing pains but this is delicious. and there are 18 different flavors. immediately i went look at that salt bagel, and poppy seeds, and blueberry. >> and they are all popular. of cours jalapeƱo cheddar has been a huge success here. >> and you have to put something on your bagel, some cream-cheese based goodness, and what is a bagel store without bagel chips but i’m going to put on some of the veggie cheese. >> and we have serrano pepper and the berry, berry, our newest is the olive trio with black and green and kalamata and garlic and red pepper thrown in. >> so many different kinds of choices when it comes to the c



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