Taste Of West Springfield

taste of west springfield
need to get ready.. and year after year they do!! people in west springfield got an excellent taste of the town on the town common tonight.. it started off a little rainy, but when the weather cleared up, a good time and a full stomach was had by all as food lovers got a chance to sample some of the local fare. 8Ăși’m a chef if i don’t have to cook it’s excellent when you can come out and get a taste of the area and kindof experience wes springfield at its finest- i like the music i like the people i’ve been coming ever since it started which is what, 8, 9 years ago i don’t know i’ve been coming every year! i love it! ethnic foods suche as gyros, pakora and pad thai were a big hit at tonight’s taste of west springfield event. if you regularly donate food to the open pantry…you will want to pay attention to this story!



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