Taste Of Sunrise – 5/16

Taste Of Sunrise – 5/16
>> raylon augustine joins us today cooking. >> a asparrous salad. >> sounds tan fafk. >> you are sauteeing asparagus. >> yes, in olive oil and salt. and just looking to cook that through but leave a little bit of texture. meanwhile, we actually have a — an egg here that we’re going to go ahead and drop into the water. you put a lite bit of vinegar into the water and that helps to cook the egg whites along with the jokes but allow it to remain nice and runny. that’s the first step of the poached egg we put on top of salad. >> do you let that — how long do you keep that in the water? >> generally about a minute, minute and a half, you just want to see the egg whites cook through nicely. you have the asparagus roasting up nicely. you get some color on it. that looks where we want it. >> looks beautiful. >> the egg is going to come out of the water and — >> you know i see different kinds



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