Taste Of Sunrise – 2/7

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/7
>> popi appears from popi’s place and they are really from the greek festival right know. you’re lending your talents. what joy the food. show us what you’re making. >> today, we’re making a greek chicken. popi style. i’m going to start it. it’s very easy and nice and healthy. >> show me how to do this. >> you take a bowl. you put in the ingredients, olive oil. fresh garlic. >> okay, fresh garlic. >> salt. >> that’s what, two teaspoon. >> one teaspoon. white pepper. oregano. teaspoon oregano. mix it up all together. >> doesn’t look hard so far. >> you put your lemon. >> and olive oil. >> mix up all your ingredients. you have your potatoes, you peel them. put them in the sink. >> very common. we chose something that people can make at home very easily. and all types. doesn’t take very much. and it comes out really delicious. >> i love things that we can make easily at home. because i see



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