Taste Of Sunrise – 2/4

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/4
>> chef mel ruberg from whole foods making guacamole. the best in the world. >> the best. >> world’s best. i’m going to make the 12t 12th best guacamole. in here. avocados. haas avocados which are on sale for a dollar apiece at whole foods. >> how many do you need? >> in here, i’ve got six. >> six dollars worth. >> this could feed a football team. >> or john scalzi. >> how rude. okay. into here, delicious fresh lime. i’ve actually put the juice of about four limes in here. >> six avocados, four limes. it’s on our web site. >> okay, that was another lime. >> the best way to, i mean, you can do it in a food processor. but if you use like a potato masher or a bean masher like this, you get that combination of textures, a little bit chunky chunky. >> still got big pieces. >> people like that in their guacamole. red onions. >> how much is that? >> a whole red onion. here, chill c — chili tom



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