Taste Of Sunrise – 2/28

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/28
>>> chef jeff carol from the siesta key oyster bar is in today cooking up a tasty treat, no doubt. you say you guys are really busy out there. >> oh, yeah. spring break just kicked off so we’ve got two months of standing room only on the island, so if you plan on coming, leave early so you can find a place to park. do you guys take reservations? >> if you’ll call and let us know you’re coming, we’ll make sure you’re on the top of the list when you get there. >> there you go. what are you doing today? >> today we’re making a very, very simple pasta dish. it’s just a pesto pasta with a basil pesto and a penne pasta, so a little oil in the pan, in each pan here. one is going to be for shrimp. you want them real hot, especially when you do shrimp. a little salt and pepper on the shrimp will be just fine. you can season it up with whatever you like. at the restaurant, we do a lot of blackenin



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