Taste Of Sunrise – 2/25

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/25
storm. >> yes. earlier, i made some rice noodles, which people that are not familiar we’ve rice noodles, really, chuck them in, two minutes later drain it, it’s gluten-free. okay. so earlier, let it chill down a bit. and very, very bland. i basically added and made my dressing. it isn’t necessarily an idea to break them down. but i have already added two limes in there. you can ad another one. >> so three full limes. >> three full lines. >> about four — >> yes, lime vinegar, and dressing. ideally, i would add chili flakes. i didn’t have any so i am going to add cayenne. and sliced shallots, and green onion i found in the fridge. >> sound delicious. you stole one? >> i did. there’s another one in there. tell them and they’ll come looking for me. so we have the shallots in there, the scallions in there. this is peanuts. they are salty. and the only thing that’s a bit of a drag, you really



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