Taste Of Sunrise – 2/18

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/18
>> mel ruberg from whole foods market is directing the cooking this morning. so, okay, i’m stirring. what am i stirring? >> we love to have you cook. in here, two chicken breasts, which i sliced pretty thin. sauteed quickly in canola oil. after that added some chicken base. we’re going to add a little white wine too. >> you said don’t put the wine in if you aren’t willing to drink, too? >> this is a nice bottle of save onbulk. if you want something nicer but don’t spend the $40, spend 20 on a good wine. that wine, chicken, little salt, little pepper in there so far. into that, we are going to add corn starch. this is going to thicken instantaneously what we have here. >> we are expecting a chemical reaction here. >> stir away, linda. starting to thicken. >> i can feel it thickening up, i can. >> dijon mustard. which you’re going to stir through. right now we have a delicious mustard sauc



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