Taste Of Sunrise – 2/14

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/14
>> paul mattison in the kitchen this morning cooking up, as you said, a classic valentines dish. tell us what it is again. >> we’re doing a chateaubriand. chateaubriand, with little roast, basically the center part of the tenderloin. most bustle cut. >> why is it traditionally always served for two? >> because, jon, that’s a great question. because, to try to roast the filet mignon this way, and then slice it, you need a little bit bigger piece. otherwise you get it too done around the outside. >> you don’t want to do that to that beautiful meat. >> basically you sear the outside of the tenderloin. roast it all the way around. i’m doing it in a little grill pan here, which works real well. >> does it matter if you get prime? does it matter the meat you get? >> you want to pick a good quality, without a doubt. on a tenderloin especially, you can probably get away with choice rather than g



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