Taste Of Sunrise – 2/11

Taste Of Sunrise – 2/11
ruberg cooking up a love letter. >> isn’t that potatoic? valentine’s day is coming. two things, i think always associated with valentine’s day. dark chocolate and in this case, raspberries, which look a little akin to little hearts in there. >> they do look a little like that. >> this is obviously what we’re going to finnish up with. ideally we would stand and chat for two and a half minutes. but, you know, that may bore people in here. last night, ground up some oats and mixit with butter milk. >> you ground your own oats. >> just involves putting them in the brenner. >> i thought you had your own stone at home or something, with a team of horses. >> in here, so the oats are ground up, mixed with butter milk. that’s the basis of these pancakes. to that, we are going to add some whole oats. just for a little bit of texture in there. >> this is a healthy love letter letter. >> kind of, so



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