Taste Of Sunrise – 1/7

Taste Of Sunrise – 1/7
>> chef mel ruberg from whole foods. we are going to make a raw salad, right? >> we are. in here, coleslaw and the free oranges, which are supreme. which basically means taking them out without the pitt. just getting the flesh. >> i have a hard time doing that. >> next time, i’ll show you an easy way. the key to this raw kale salad is that everything has to be — well, any raw vegetable salad, key to it is cutting it really, really fine. >> this really makes a big difference? >> i think it makes a difference in many ways. it makes a difference in for you to digest it. all i’m saying, that literally, patiently — >> oh, look at that that is thin. >> right. but it’s going to take you a while. but all it means is that once you’ve made this salad and dressed this salad, it’s going to absorb the dressing that you put on it. it’s going to break down a little bit, because you’re eating raw kale



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