Taste Of Sunrise – 131

Taste Of Sunrise – 131
>> chef marc alton from sharky’s, he’s going to let me help this morning. so let’s go to it. >> okay, first off, put a little bit of olive oil right there. that’s all you need right there. and then i have this rice cake i made with sushi rice. we are going to put in the middle of the pan. get a little oil on it. let that sear. this is a chinese five spice. dust one side of the scallop with that. >> with my fingers? >> grab them with your fingers. just one side. put that side down on the pan. >> okay, i’m putting them in. >> while you’re doing that, i’m going to get started on our salad that goes with that. which i got some napa cabbage. snow peas. now, the chinese five spice, by the way, doesn’t necessarily mean it has five components to it. but it’s supposed to hit all five areas of your tastebuds. >> oh, it’s the effect, and not the ingredient that it’s named for. >> right. >> i’m gett



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