Taste Of Sunrise – 1/28

Taste Of Sunrise – 1/28
>> oh, just got this lovely fog. >> we have chef mel with us from whole foods kitchen. and we are doing a wonderful breakfast idea. >> lovely for the weekend. in here, chicken chili sausage, which we have cook downed to crispy loveliness. >> i have to say, this chicken sausage is a new idea for me. i just started using it and i’m loving it. it’s wonderful i never knew that you could find it that way. i’ve seen the turkey sausage. but never chicken sausage. >> all different flavors. we make them at the whole foods market. they’re on sale this week. in go your beaten eggs. into your chorizo. this is going to set up really quickly. obviously, you’re going to get a bit of that red color because of the chili in the sausages. but basically this is going to be quick. turn up to high, so this will set up. >> you’re calling it chorizo, which is more of a spanish pronunciation. >> it’s a spicy, sp



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