Taste Of Sunrise – 12/6

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/6
> chef marc alton from sharky’s on the pier. >> good morning, john. >> good morning, sir. you’re cooking up a treat that everybody loves, and for cold weather, there’s pbably nothing better. >> macaroni and cheese and we’ve put a little lobster in it because down at sharky’s, we like to put a little seafood in everything. >> there you go. looks like you’ve scalded milk? >> i’ve got heavy cream that i’ve brought to a simmer, and i’m seasoning it with onions, garlic, mustard, and i’m going to put in some paerparmesan cheese and that’s going to help to thicken it up some. >> is that like the spicy mustard? >> yeah. coleman’s dry mustard sx. we’re going to put in quite a bit of cheese here. >> using sharp or mild? that’s a sharp cheddar. down at sharky’s, i age my own cheddar cheese, by the way. >> do you really? >> yeah. i got about a year’s supply on hand. >> how do you do that? >> just do



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