Taste Of Sunrise – 1/24

Taste Of Sunrise – 1/24
>> always fun having chef paul mattison in the kitchen, cooking up something not only looks great, but smells good. >> these warm ingredients for a cool morning. >> what you got going on? >> we’re doing a rack of lamb. and going to serve it with a white bean cassolae. this is a great southern franz style dish. we start with little smoked sausage. use an andouille sausage. kind of render that down. let that cook first. get a lot of nice caramelization and color. then we have basic, onions and carrots. >> cook in the own juices of the sausage. >> exactly. >> little fresh garlic. little fresh herbs. chopped parsley. make a little bouquet garden any. rosemary and thyme. another a little white wine. >> the smell is so fantastic. >> white beans. if you’re in a hurry, you can make sure the white beans are cooked ahead of time or put the white beans in from a raw state and slow simmer. >> how ab



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