Taste Of Sunrise – 12/31

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/31
foods in our kitchen this morning, making something lucky and delicious for new year’s eve. >> and not taking two and a half hours of your time. >> amazing. you were telling me the way you cut it makes a difference? >> i’m going to show you. the usual, when we make collards, this is what we are presented with big old leaf, take out your center stem. like that. and then usually you would cut it into big pieces. so this recipe, what we have done, is we have taken our collard greens, rolled them over and then basically chiffonaded them as fine as you can. so you end up with this really fine shred. >> and it looks so easy when you rolled it 0 ove like that. i thought we were going to do one little at a time. >> then you end up with this, which is like a coleslaw. >> like it went through a shredder. >> this is going to allow us to cook it in 20 minutes. we want to be able to cook it in 20 min



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