Taste Of Sunrise – 12/3

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/3
the kitchen cooking up something tasty and nutrition. >> yes. meat being probably a fifth of the ingredients. most of this is veggie. just a little meat in there. >> which is as it should be. >> in here, cooked chicken, marinated in ginger, garlic and little bit of mirin, the sweet sake tile cooking wine in there. to this. >> very tasty. >> i sauteed off some broccoli, only because i don’t like broccoli raw. >> you sauteed that with what? >> a little bit of olive oil and then to make sure it was cooked through, i tossed in a little mirin. >> steamed it up. >> so in here, chicken, broccoli broccoli, shredded carrots, which we can bring preis is readed. >> this is raw? >> well, chicken is cooked. but everything else is raw. well, the broccoli is cooked too. so whole bunch of veggies in ere. so we have the chicken, we have the — got to use me hands. we have the chicken. the broccoli. every



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