Taste Of Sunrise – 12/24

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/24
>> all right. we are in the kitchen with chef mel ruberg from whole foods market. you’re creating swedish meatballs. >> yes, i am. well, i’ve created swedish meatballs. look at them. lurking. >> what makes them swedish as opposed to italian meatballs. >> they have got nutmeg and allspice and onions. i’ve fried them in some delicious butter. i’ve now thrown some onions in here. i’m going to put a little flour in here. why i doing this. >>> you’re making a rowe. >> i am making a roux. why? >> you want some sort of sauce with your swedish meatballs. >> i do. >> how am i doing so far? >> perfect in every way. people when they make swedish meatballs, just throw a thing of sawyer cream over the top. but we can make it a bit more tasty. in here, flour, onions, caramelized loveliness. chicken broth. >> that’s handy. what’s that, one pint thing? >> i love these little individual stock things. no



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