Taste Of Sunrise – 12/17

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/17
>>> chef mel ruberg from whole foods market is with us. i was worried. when you said you were making shrimp pancakes, i thought, that doesn’t sound very good for breakfast. >> no. no. this is something that we’re — this isn’t something that we’re going to serve with maple syrup. this is an advertiser. a really easy advertiser. you’ve got people coming over, you want to whip up something quick that looks really, really amazing, but it’s foolproof. >> exactly. that would be my thinking. >> okay. chopped up shrimp. all we did was run a knife through them so they’re cut in little chunks like that. shredded carrots, which you can buy as shreds, no work involved. >> and these aren’t cooked yet? >> not yet. green onions, cilantro. that’s what’s in there so far. into that, two eggs. >> one, two. she’s very fast at doing this. >> yeah. don’t panic, everybody. you, too, can do this in a whirl win



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