Taste Of Sunrise – 12/10

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/10
>>> chef mel ruberg from whole foods in our kitchen this morning and what are we doing with these pomegranate seeds? >> yeah, i mean, pomegranate is all around and i think a lot of people are really lazy about dealing with the pomegranate because it seems complicated and confusing. like you open it, and there’s all this mess of seeds. it took me like two minutes to get all these pearls, we’ll refer to them as out of the pomegranates. it’s nothing difficult. it comes apart really easy, you just pull out the white bits like that and then you’ve got really another fruit or vegetable to use this in things. >> so you can use those seeds. >> yeah. i mean, you can throw that in a fruit salad. quinoa, 15 minutes on the stove, cooks up like rice. this is cold because i cooked it earlier. great source of protein. easy to cook. like most kind of grains, very neutral flavored. you need to add flavor



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