Taste Of Sunrise – 12/1

Taste Of Sunrise – 12/1
>> chef carlos avella from cosimo’s too is making something very elegant this morning. this is a pork chop over here. >> bone-in pork chop. and pancetta, dried figs. >> dried figs. >> shallots and bread crumbs. we are going to bring the stuffing here. is. >> bread crumbs. you pounded out this pork chop. >> as thin as possible. we are going to stuff it. add a little bleu cheese. has a nice contrast with the fig. >> and that looks really good. now, how do we get it all? >> we put it right in the middle. what you want to do is roll towards the center. >> roll toward the center. okay, you wrap it up like wrapping a christmas gift here. >> once you have it ready, season with a little salt and pepper. >> look at yours, it sticks together! >> get a little bit of canola oil. get the pan really hot. >> so it’s really hot. that’s important, right? >> you can get a nice sear so it seals in the juic



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