Taste Of Sunrise – 11/9

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/9
from sarasota baptist church. good to have you here, sir. >> good to be here. >> you were talking about your dinner coming up in december for your christmas extravaganza, which is a very important thing to a lot of folks out there. come and enjoy. big broadway musical kind of event that celebrates the joys of christmas. and you were doing a dinner and cooking one of the items from that dinner. >> this is the first year, introducing the dinner where you can come for dinner ando to a show. i’m going to put together real quick a chicken pi cat today dish garnished with lump crab meat, which we are also offering. and we are also doing a nice roasted prime rib. offering a nice wedge salad with bleu cheese. some potatoes and vegetables and what not. so this is what we’re trying to put together here today. very simple dish. chicken pi caught tax basically sauteed chicken breast. saute with flou



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