Taste Of Sunrise – 1/17

Taste Of Sunrise – 1/17
>> always a pleasure to have michael’s on east on. the chef there in today cooking up something for forks and corks, your wine dinner you’re having. >> yes, this friday and saturday, we’re doing some forks and corks wine dinners. and this friday, we’re highlighting the wins from beer gun. we have some on sale. we have the wine makers bringing some really nice thing. i’m preparing the menu on that filet. we’re going to do an old style dish here and make some very snails infused with garlic and red wine. so we are going to get started. and we’re just sauteeing a little garlic here. snails, it’s all about the garlic. so let’s add some more. >> can’t go wrong with some garlic. you’re not using clarified butter. >> we want to get as much flavor as possible. clarified is great for high heat. but i want the flavor for this. while that’s cooking, get this on the plate. little fingerlings. >> are



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