Taste Of Sunrise – 11/5

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/5
>> always a pleasure having paul mattison in the kitchen. >> good to be here, john. >> you seem chipper this morning. >> i’m feeling awful good. >> what you cooking? >> a little pan seared grouper. use grouper a lot of different varieties. black grouper, yellow edge. >> are their taste differences between them? >> not huge. mostly size and sometimes even the firmness of the flesh can be a little different. black grouper is always desirable if you can find it. you can use the red. whatever is available and fresh. >> you looks like have sauteed this up. did you season it? >> i put a little salt and pepper. this whole meal today is gluten free, if that matters to any of us. but, in cooking a piece of fish, you want to flour it, a lot of the reasons to get a nice even brning. but also so it doesn’t stick in your pan. i find if you get a pan really nice and hot, little olive oil in there, and



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