Taste Of Sunrise – 11/3

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/3
cosimo’s is in the kitchen making a lobster gazpacho and some cod cakes. what he o are we starting with? >> doing american harvest for our food and wine tasting. i made the cod cakes and then took some cod and cooked it in the oven with some oil and salt and pepper. baked it first in, and mash it up. put eggs, chives and a few other seasonings. then we are going to bread it with bread crumbs, panko. parmesan and potato flakes. which gives it a nice — >> potato flakes. >> gives at nice crispy crust. then olive oil already heating up. >> both the dehydrated potato flakes? >> they work really good for breading. if you don’t want toylike if you’re gluten intolerate, instead of bread crumbs, use potato flakes. >> how many of those would you add to your panko bre crumbs? 50-50 mix? >> yes. >> i’m going to try that. sounds like a neat idea. >> then we have our cakes, we are going to brown both



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