Taste Of Sunrise – 11/29

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/29
>> chef mae kavatsa from the ritz-carlton. she pastry chef. we are making gingerbread cookies. >> we’re into modern deck rating techniques to show you easy and convenient ways to do gingerbread at home, a little different from the traditional method. they get done a lot faster. and a little more fun and very neat. and very beautiful. also preview of some of the things you can expect to see at our open house on december 9t december 9th when we unveil our giant gingerbread display. >> show us how to make the cookies. >> we’re going to make this poinsetta cookie. >> isn’t this beautiful? >> we’re using a cutout. i have used these tiny little cutters. which you can buy at the craft store. in colors already. all i have to do is roll it out. and you’re just going to squeeze a little icing on the back of your cutouts and glue it right on there in the pattern you like. >> so the icing is your gl



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