Taste Of Sunrise – 11/25

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/25
>> chef mel is in the kitchen this morning. >> i’m good. one of my favorite holiday. >> mine, too. cooking up something. don’t celebrate that a lot over there today. >> no. regular pumpkin. >> don’t you have some kind of thanksgiving over there? there? like a bank day or something like that? >> anyway — >> tell us what you are cooking. >> i’m making pumpkin french toast for the delight of the populace in the studios. this is for the workers. >> and we do appreciate it. >> good. in here, a little bit of pumpkin pumpkin, because you could have a whole bunch of that cinnamon and blah-blah-blah, but we love that. so pumpkin puree. and eggs. and milk. mixture. vanilla. whisk away. whisk away. the pan is super hot. stop. bread. it the best bread for french toast, absorbs a lot of batter and comes out looking beautiful. >> we’ll cook this very quickly. >> very quickly indeed. so let it sit for



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