Taste Of Sunrise – 11/24

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/24
>> chef jeremy adams from word of mouth joins me now. i was telling him, my dog loves your restaurant. >> thank you very much. i didn’t know what to quite make of that. >> he doesn’t really eat there. we sit outside. you can dine outside. we often meet there because the food is great and you can bring your dog along. >> it’s been very popular. the doggy dine be has been — dining has been really good. >> you get rave reviews from my collie. we are making potato pancake? >> good leftover dish for thanksgiving. we have sweet potatoes you might have had on your thanksgiving table. we’re are just going to make a basic pancake batter and add sweet potatoes and add a couple extras for garnish. basic pancake batter. all purpose flour. >> all purpose flour. >> i add dry ingredients first. some shower, regular granulated sugar. baking powder and baking soda. here’s some all spices, nutmeg and cin



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