Taste Of Sunrise – 11/23

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/23
>>> oh, the smells in this kitchen. it smells good. chef bob from lazy lobster restaurant in the kitchen this morning, now with two locations. >> yes. >> one on longboat key as well, which a friend of mine took me to the other day. gorgeous. absolutely beautiful. nicely done. >> yeah, it really is. got a great patio. >> very floridian. >> nice slice out there. >> great. so what are you cooking for us today? >> we’re just going to make a little dish and use up some leftover turkey that you’re probably going to have. >> i’m sure we’re going to have plenty of it. so what’s the name of the dish? >> we’re going to call it turkey john. >> there you go. that sounds good. >> so we start with, we cook down some bacon, and i’m going to add some mushrooms. >> those are just regular mushrooms, right? >> yes. and then here we have — i took some leftover mashed potatoes that you’re going to have, and



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