Taste Of Sunrise – 11/19

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/19
>> chef paul mattison from mattison’s is in our kitchen this morning. now, baby shrimp you mentioned. >> yes. little baby shrimp. going to saute those. got a bit of olive oil. and there’s, this is a thanksgiving starter or side dish. you’ve seen a lot of turkey speaks. do something different. saute the shrimp. add some fresh garlic. and i’ve got toth and yak is. these are like a pasta kind of coupling. potato, cottage cheese. little bit of flour and egg and make a nice dough. >> you said your grandmother used to me that. >> so good. toss all that together. then kind of roll it out and make little dumplings out of them. so we just cook those like pasta pasta. like pressure pasta, they cook very quickly. just a couple minutes in hot water. we get a little excitement into our shrimp there. >> that garlic is pretty exciting to me. >> little tomatoes and fresh basil. little yellow tomato as w



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