Taste Of Sunrise – 11/122

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/122
>> chef raul from the salater cafe. you really are going to be cooking thanksgiving dinner, aren’t you? you’re open and serving that day. >> that’s correct. all day long, serving the full thanksgiving dinner. turkey, cornbread stuffing, matched potatoes. green beans. what i’m doing here, actually cooking shitake mushroom sauce with port wine. will what we serve actually in saltwater cafe. >> this goes on the turkey? >> that goes actually on the turkey. doing an urine o europn style. — >> port wine, going into the mushrooms and onions. >> then what i have here is a little bit of demi-glace. you can buy the sauce, no problem. >> good to know. >> then took a little stock where i cooked my turkey. before i put the stuffing around it, i took a little broth. >> so do you not put the stuffing in the turkey? >> no, i put them around. >> in and around. >> what i’m doing, i cook my turkey for abo



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