Taste Of Sunrise – 11/12

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/12
>> chef jeremy hammond-chambers from innovative ding. what is this we are making? >> we have a ragu here, which i previously made, which has a little tomato, some sweet sausage and some fennel in it. and some fennel seeds. what i’m going to do to start with, first of all here, i’m going to take some of this organic cappellini. this is a italian pasta. >> you like organic. >> i love organic. it definitely is worth the extra cost. and this particular pasta here, which is a kip bring annie, is a very quick cooking pasta. that’s why i’ve chosen it for the show this morning. >> we have two minutes left. >> two minutes left. what we do, we pop that in there. it’s literally going to take another 30 seconds. >> oh, really? >> yes, it’s that quick. really, we can talk just just a minute here about the ingredients that are in the ragu ragu. we have some fennel, which is indigenous to greece. the r



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