Taste Of Sunrise – 11/11

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/11
morning cooking up some — well, that’s an ifrpish smile this morning. >> because i have to deal with you. impish. it’s — >> of course. >> the threat of something chaotic. >> and some no doubt healthy. we’re doing a shrimp salad? >> tail-on shrimp. >> what? >> tail-on shrimp, pre-cooked. that’s a 31-40, which denotes the size. >> will those be going on sale soon? >> they will on friday. one day early. $5.99, everybody. there you go. so this is the recipe, but the main thing of our recipe is really it’s an elaborate bean salad, and many, many years ago when i was a vegetarian vegan cook in london, i realized that if you can make beans take phenomenally delicious, you can make anything taste phenomenally delicious. >> we don’t eat enough beans. they always tell us that. >> and i think this is a really good example of a way to do it. into our beans, lemon juice. >> now, what kind of bean i



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