Taste Of Sunrise – 11/1

Taste Of Sunrise – 11/1
>> marc alton from sharky’s. usually you come in and cook fish. but not today. >> not today. today we have steak. we do serve something besides fish. this is one of our new appetizers we have come up. i’m going to show you how to make it today. >> very appropriate. we have the entertaing season coming up. this is just the think for a light appetizer. >> we are going to start off here, pretty much just make a light balsamic vinaigrette to start with. dijon mustard. some garlic. >> doing raw garlic? >>ep. chop that up. >> will it be served with raw garlic, or do you cook that? >> no what you see is the way it’s going to be. balsamic vinegar. whip that together. wisk in 0 sole live oil. — some olive oil. >> we have asked people a number of times whether it’s bruschetta or bruce she take. we get both answers. >> blue chet take is the way i say it. little crushed red pepper. little salt. i h



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