Taste Of Sunrise – 1/10

Taste Of Sunrise – 1/10
>> listen to that sizzle. smells good. brenda mccarta fromming nicky’s west 59th in the kitchen. good morning, brenda. happy new year. >> you too. >> where is nicky’s 59? >> it’s by the hospital on 59th street. in the plaza right next to blake hospital. >> and you speciallize in table side ding. >> we have a lounge where we have music every night too. >> today you’re making a veal diane. tell us what a veal diane is. >> i have the veal medallions. we cut them and pound them fresh in-house, which a lot of places don’t do any more. it’s eye of veal. and then i have floured it and pan sauteed it. then i’m going to cook in garlic, scallions and mushrooms. right now i’m getting ready to hit it with some brandy. >> i’ll step back. >> you will want to. this usually works, oh, yeah. we got a little bit of flame will burn off the brandy. and a little bit of red wine goes in there as well for flav



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