Taste Of Sunrise – 10/29

Taste Of Sunrise – 10/29
kitchen with us this morning. and what are we cooking? >> doing a little pumpkin risotto here. andasic risotto, we start with onion and white wine. saute the onion. add your rice. add your white wine to it. then slowly you add hot broth as the rice cooks. you just add a little bit at a time. keep stirring. you get a real creamy texture. >> so you need to stay here with it. >> yes, it is a constant. >> i tend to wander away. >> you need a helper. next we have braised short ribs. this is a slow cooking process of the short ribs. start with a little bit of onion and celery and carrots. sear the meat. a little red wine. some tomato paste, a little broth. let it simmer about two hours. >> two hours. this one you can walk away from. >> that’s a good one to get it done ahead of time. and then simmer. once we got them, the short ribs got nice and tender and finished, we strained off the excess b



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