Taste Of Sunrise – 10/28

Taste Of Sunrise – 10/28
>> chef mel in the kitchen this morning. sorry. did i scare you? >> chef mel feeling a little under the weather, so it is my duty to support you. in your quiet fortitude. >> making a pilaf? >> a pilaf, which means — >> what you’re making here. >> over here, we he a wild — isn’t that clever? wild rice blend, which we made earlier. cooked to perfection. brown rice, waunee rise. lighter brown one. in here, leaks which i have sauteed in a bit of olive oil. >> i love leeks. >> i think people are lady about using leeks, because you have to clean them no. big deal. two seconds up the tap to get rid of the sand. in here, leeks and some of these lovely apples, which we have cook downed. >> those are the honey crisp? >> honey crisp, on sale this friday 1.49 a pound. it’s a steal. >> so you’re sauteing those up. those are delicious apples by the way. >> cook through. i’m adding some raw apples. >



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