Taste Of Pinellas – Grilling Up Steaks

Sean Daly is at the Taste of Pinellas -grilling up some tasty food
these is rich now. >>> it’s a food and music festival in a picture perfect location. >> we’re talking about the face of pinellas. sean daily joins us. >> reporter: she’s about the turn 13 but has the voice of a 25-year-old. the music force of show is over. now i’m with the smoky meat portion of show. more than 50 restaurants are here today, one of them texas land & cattle company. what are cooking up today? >> this is sirloin. this is what we’ll serve today, a sirloin steak, our finest quality steak in terms of sirloin. it’s aged beef, prime and choice cut that we’re serving here. we’ll slice this up along with some chicken and mushrooms today, with some potatoes to go with it. >> what do you cook over there? >> we have oak and citrus wood to fire this thing up. we cook on about 1200-degree heat here. whoever is cooked to has their work cut out for them. it won’t be me. >> you’ve bee



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