Taste Of Pinellas – Frisbee Dogs

Sean Daly at the Taste of Pinellas hangs out with the world champion Frisbee dogs
can be examined. >>> if you enjoy live muse and i can great food, you definitely need to be at vinoy park. >> sean daily is already there and getting a jump on the crowd. sean, are you going to be racing or running against this dog here? >> reporter: maybe if it’s good for ratings, i’ll do it. i’ll smack a frisbee out of the air. you’ll get your food and come to the south end and we have frisbee catching dogs. here’s my new best friend, lawrence. how long have you been doing this? >> 41 years. >> this is zor. she’s a border collie and about to do tricks. they’re all rescue dogs right? >> that’s correct. all 14 are rescue and had the youngest one has been with us about 15 weeks. >> reporter: zor here is a champion i hear. >> correct. she won the — a number one seed at the world finals. >> reporter: kol. they do three shows a day. 12, 3 and 5:30 today. we’re about to see zor’s frisbee sty



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