Taste Of Minnesota Expands For 2010

The Taste of Minnesota, which will run from July 2 through 5, is expanding this year. Instead of the usual two music stages, there will be five this year with 24 music acts in all. Additionally, more than twice the number of restaurants are participating.nnSteve Shaw has the story.
safety awards today as well. >>> fourth of july weekend ushers in the 28th an wall taste of minnesota. it’s on st. paul’s harriet island. but this year some changes are in the works. steve shaw explains. >> it was easy to get hungry before the noon hour wednesday as the popular taste of min announced new plans. >> we are raising the bar on taste of minnesota this year. >> taste co-director andy ferris says the event, which will run from july 2 to 5, is expanding this year. instead of t music stages as in years past, this year there will be five. >> we have big music names coming in like sammy hagar, counting crows. >> faris says there will be 24 music acts in all. >> twice the number of restaurants are participating. >> people like bario, seven, crave, who have never been involved in the past, are going to be bringing their creations out for people to sample and eat. it’s going to be gre



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