Taste Of Meijer Event

Meijer recently held an event to get families ready for the holidays! Maranda stopped by with the Maranda-Cam to get some great recipes and talk to shoppers.
taste of the holidays event. >> i am sherry from meijer here at the store in rockford. we have an event going on called the taste of meijer it is really giving fam ris solutions for the holidays from the on trace you want to serve to family and friends al the way to edible gifts an does a serves. we’re starting with the peppermint patty bake. we have it stationed at the front door for people to come in to have a nice winter treat. >> what are you serving today? >> this is the 7-layer greek dip served a a gourmet meijer cracker. vie the meijer vegetable dip along with the veggie tray an we have a carmel apple bake that you could find as a recipe inside of our easy appetizer booklet. >> why do you think this is neat? >> they were trying vegetables an things they had not tried before. something new. they are having fun. he is trying everything. >> what did you try that you really liked. >>



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