Taste Of Chicago Gets Expensive

Taste of Chicago Gets Expensive
going on a diet. >> others are no longer ofering your sumertime favorites. anita padilla is live with what we’re going to miss. >> robinson’s ribs, a long line to get those tasty eats, they will no longer be serving the ribs. instead, they’re going to be offering puled pork sandwiches. the taste of chicago, it is a summertime favorite for thousands and thousands of folks who love to chow down. this year, though, the event is going on a bit of a diet, offering fewer food choices and some restauranters are even pulling some of their popular items from the men. the reason is the economy. taste organizers say rising food costs are nibbling away at the profits, and many cannot aford to serve their eats. typically the items sell between 50 cents and $5. this year, they are now allowed to sell serve certain foods from 5-dollars 50 to $6. >> now you know those manny barbecue turkey legs are huge



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